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Management team

Tina Atkins – Management Partner
Sam Green – Operations Manager
Janice Baker – Site Manager (Pembroke Place)

Mel Callaghan – Site Manager (Ropewalks)
Lynsey Need– Site Manager (Ropewalks)
Gemma Lloyd Kelly– Site Manager (Student Health)
Elizabeth Blackhall – Deputy Operations Manager
Christine Hughes – Deputy Operations Manager
Paul McDonnell – Information Manager

Helen Winsland – Finance / Human Resources Manager
Jennifer Baxter – Quality Lead
Lian Swaine – Performance Lead
Rebecca Stiles – ETP Admin Manager

Clinical Partners

Dr Ahmed Alimam
Dr Donna Evans
Dr Diane Exley

Dr Deborah Faint
Dr Edward S Gaynor
Dr Elizabeth Lynch
Dr Nicki Mazey
Dr Deborah Noland
Dr Ian Pawson
Denise Wilson – Nurse Partner / Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Associate GPs

Dr Markos Bakalis
Dr Daniel Birks
Dr Kate Buchannan
Dr Colin Campbell
Dr Jeremy Clark
Dr Matthew Davies
Dr Heddwen Ellis
Dr Elizabeth Fairley
Dr Genevieve Furlong
Prof Mark Gabbay
Dr Stewart Hale
Dr Adrian Harrop
Dr Steven Heane
Dr Sinead Heneghan

Dr Robert Hirst
Dr Joseph Howard
Dr Nandeetha Kandiah
Dr Valanti Koytzoumis
Dr Oliver Lutte

Dr Marcus Moore
Dr Laura Murray
Sr Sarayu Nair
Dr Tom Newton
Dr Sarah Nosib
Dr David O’Hagan

Dr Gethin Prichard
Dr Nick Radcliffe

Dr Fiza Salam
Dr Jennifer Smith
Dr Nadja Van Ginneken
Dr Ryan Young

GP registrars

Dr Joseph Rylands
Dr Matthew Davies
Dr Gabriella Thompson
Dr Sara L’abbate
Dr Amy Hawkens


Liz Burnett
Moira Cain
Lisa Campbell
Rachel Cross
Joanne David
– Nurse Manager
Lisa Drayton
Lizzie Dutch

Lorraine Gittins
Ian Harrison
– Homeless Nurse
Wendy Hills – Assistant Nurse Manager
Melanie Johnson
– Homeless Outreach Nurse
Kate Kelly
Lisa Lowe 
– Homeless Outreach Nurse
Paul McGrath
Ann Nuttall
Lorraine Rabbit
Megan Riccio
Diane Sedman
– Alcohol nurse
Maria Sullivan – Nurse Manager
Denise Wilson
– Nurse Partner / Advanced Nurse Practitioner
Paula Byrne  Advanced Nurse Practitioner
Archibald McIntyre – Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Clinical support workers

Vicky Cavanagh
Chris Dyer
Julie Poland


Adefunke Adeyini – Network Pharmacist
Sam Alshibani – Network Pharmacist
Cath Kitchen – Senior network Pharmacist
Lucie Michaelson
Louise Morris – Network Pharmacist
Richard Reed

Manjinder Sidhu – Network Pharmacist
Jackie Szynalski – Senior network Pharmacist
Kevin Waddell 
– Network Pharmacist
James Mawdsley – Network Pharmacist
Ben Jackson
– Pharmacy Technician
Audra Misiunaite
– Pharmacy Technician

Drug addiction support workers (attached staff)

Cathy Mooney
Carol Vidler

Health Trainer (attached staff)

Joan Swift

Midwife (attached staff)

Helen Wright

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Our opening hours are 8am-6.30pm Monday to Friday, but we also close on bank holidays and on the last Wednesday afternoon of every month for training. You can still browse the site for general information, but if you need help now, click below for options.