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Out of area registration

New arrangements introduced from January 2015 give people greater choice when choosing a GP practice, including the possibility of practices accepting patients who live outside their practice boundary.  

A condition of this new arrangement is that practices are not obliged to provide home visits or out of hours services when the patient is unable to attend their registered practice.

If such a need arises, the patient should still contact their registered practice if possible, but will generally be directed towards NHS 111 if they need to be seen and are unable to attend the practice. 

For this reason, out of area registrations are generally only appropriate if home visits are unlikely to be required, and if you are unlikely to need other community services that are attached to the practice, such as district nurses.  

Please bear this in mind when making your application.   

If accepted but your health needs change we may review your registration to see if it would be more appropriate for you to be registered with a GP practice closer to your home.

If, having read this information, you still wish to apply as an ‘Out of area’ patient, please click the button below for the online registration form.  



We endeavour to process registrations immediately to enable a smooth transition from one practice to another.  Please note though that it can sometimes take several weeks for records to transfer from your previous GP practice.  This means it is very helpful to bring in any copies of old prescriptions or relevant letters if you are needing medications during this period.

If you are seeing this message it means the practice is currently closed. During this time our phone lines and eConsults are switched off.

Our opening hours are 8am-6.30pm Monday to Friday, but we also close on bank holidays and on the last Wednesday afternoon of every month for training. You can still browse the site for general information, but if you need help now, click below for options.